June 3rd, 2010

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June 24th 2010 was the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jim's passing.Following are some thoughts about Jim by his friends, old and new. Starting things off,  is something from the good
Dr. Do


i still listen to our music when i need a good shot of jimbo. it always works, always will...hey buddy, do angels really sing, Clomid steet value. send me some kinda sign. i miss you.

ps. everybody wants to go to heaven...

dr, Clomid For Sale. do

aka mickey hart

Pete Sears

Jim touched many people in his short life on this Earth--through his music, his intellect, Order Clomid online c.o.d, and his generosity of spirit. Whenever I hear his songs, “Keeper of the Flame” in particular, it flashes me back to 1971 and the many times we played together in Copperhead…with John, Gary & David. We had some good times back then, buy Clomid without a prescription. We lost touch around 1974, but when people like Jim touch your life, they are never really that far from your consciousness. Clomid For Sale, Jim was a stellar musician with a wonderful sense of melody in his writing, and his lyrics always resonated strongly with his fans, as well as those close to him.
See you down the line old friend, Real brand Clomid online, Pete Sears
Neil Anderson:   former V.P. BMI and CBS Records

Hi Jim--25 years and your spirit and inspiring music live strong in my soul.  I am  so grateful for your musical gifts that will resonate forever.
Neil Anderson

John Jolley, M.D.

Jim was a gentle man, a great artist, and an even better friend.
John Jolley

Dennis McNally

I never met Jim McPherson.  As the Dead’s historian, I knew that he’d been close with Mickey Hart – so close that he drove Mickey to his reunion with the Grateful Dead at Winterland on October 20th, where can i order Clomid without prescription, 1974.  And I’d seen him play in one of the early ‘80s Bay Area’s most enjoyable bands, High Noon.
Then I was asked to help with publicizing his long-awaited posthumous release, A Promise Kept, Clomid images, and got to know his widow, the CD’s  executive producer, Evy McPherson.

I don’t think there are too many guys who die young – Jim was 40 when he died – who leave behind wives who will strive and persevere and workworkwork to create a tribute to them 25 years after their death.  I don’t know of many guys who are so beloved by fellow musicians that they’ll give him, 25 years after he died, a night of their free time to play his music and celebrate his memory, Clomid alternatives.

Well, I know of one.  And I wish I’d gotten to meet Jim, because he must have been special.  I know his music is – particularly, for me, the heartfelt “Don’t Leave Me Now” death song, as well as the very hip country “Joaquin Murieta.”

But seeing the lives he touched, especially Evy’s, has been a revelation.  A very special man indeed, Clomid For Sale.

Dennis McNally

Veronica Strega:   Radio Programmer, Music Writer, Poet

There are few things more powerful and more intangible than songs.  What are songs?  Words and music.  Without words we communicate only with the gestures of our bodies.  Without music, our gestures may have sound but no life.  With words we speak the truth or the lie and everything in between.  With music, Comprar en línea Clomid, comprar Clomid baratos, our gestures can be a dance of infinite expression and nuance.  Who is to say why a song moves us or seems to come at a moment so precise in our lives that the song not only changes us but becomes a part of our personal history?  Jim McPherson’s “A Promise Kept” might unlock memories for some of you.  You can almost hear the laughter, you might want to call an old friend and say, “Man, remember that night… ”

I heard “Cross The Bridge,” and Jim McPherson, for the first time in the summer of 2009 during a time of personal transition, Clomid class.  Any midwife will tell you transition is the most difficult part of giving birth and that summer was not easy.  But that tune, and its message of patience and endurance, has guided me to a place I’m still on the road to, a place I may never reach.  “A Promise Kept, Clomid maximum dosage, ” is personal for me, but more than personal.  It’s a testament to artistry, to eternal love, to belief, to commitment.  Big stuff.  But also great songs, great chops, herbal Clomid, great musicians, great grooves, great fun.  Listening in the summer of 2009 gave me something to believe in straight from the church of rock and roll.  We’ll be hearing Jim McPherson for a long time to come.
Veronica Strega

Barry Melton

Hey Jim - I really want to thank you for taking the time, every once in a while, Clomid street price, to stop by and play a few notes.  Sometimes I hear you off to my right, and I look over in your direction.   I always seem to miss you -- you don't stay long, but your music remains.  Le temps viendra où nous jouons ensemble à nouveau.
Barry Melton

Michael Hinton

Jim's ability to tell such a detailed story with so few words always amazed me. I love to close my eyes and visualize the story unfolding as his music plays. His beautiful spirit still lives in his songs and in the hearts of everyone who knew him. Clomid For Sale, The groove got deeper when Jim was playing. He was the soul of High Noon [thank you Mickey for making that happen], Clomid photos. When i think of him it's always a warm and happy feeling that brings a smile. I'm grateful for the time we had. [Thank you Evy for being you!]
Michael Hinton

Marion Bryant

I met Jim at virtually the same time that I met Evy.... My then boyfriend Tom Bryant was living in San Fran together with Jim, Clomid For Sale. Tom had always described Jim as his best friend , Clomid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, a mentor, and a big brother figure. Also a man of the universe , and the master maker of music. I admired Jim .I was in awe of his talent , and of his gift to speak, doses Clomid work, only when he had something truly important to say . Jim did not do idle chit-chat.... Clomid For Sale, Today his music speaks the words he no longer can say. I miss him , and the fact that I desire to hear what he would say today, Clomid long term, ,,, Rest in peace friend ....your memories will always live with me .
Marion Bryant

Alec Palao, Ace Records UK

I never met Jim McPherson, but I believe I’ve come to know him very well, Clomid without a prescription. Music is one of the most powerful legacies any human can leave the world, and as someone who routinely examines America’s rock’n’roll past, Jim McPherson left one of the most distinctive I have ever happened upon – and also one of the least heralded. I have learned a tremendous amount about the latter half of that legacy, Low dose Clomid, thanks largely to Evy’s instructive and incredibly poignant anthology A Promise Kept. But for many years I have equally enjoyed the fruit of Jim’s earlier labours, those of his 1960s outfit, the tremendous Stained Glass.

The Glass suffered partly because they hailed from San Jose, and thus were denied entry into the upper echelons of Bay Area 60s rock, though they could easily hold their own with most any of the big names from San Francisco, Clomid For Sale. Jim’s apprenticeship and flowering as an artist was very much with this group, of which he was the unequivocal guiding light, rx free Clomid. Across two albums, half a dozen singles, and a trove of fascinating demonstration recordings, the man’s unique talent shines through. Clomid no rx, His songwriting smarts - witty wordsmithy worthy of a Dylan, melodies that lock themselves in the brain, chord changes that evoke the splendour of the Zombies or Byrds at their most baroque – were matched by Jim’s unique artistic vision, a sardonic view of life skewed with a brilliant, commendably eccentric perspective. Not to mention, Clomid from canada, some incredible bass playing. Clomid For Sale, If they’d had the right conduit of promotion and exposure, the Stained Glass should have by rights been huge. As it is, their memory currently dwells in the demi-monde of collector-dom and aficionado appreciation, but I, Clomid recreational, for one, am doing my best to right that inexplicable wrong. The Jim McPherson of the Glass was not exactly the same Jim of Copperhead, or High Noon, of ‘Jane,’ or even that heard within the incredible intimacy of A Promise Kept: but like any true artist, Clomid over the counter, he was a musician of many shades, or moods, or dynamics, and every single one of them is worthy of celebration in its own right. My Clomid experience, Sure would have liked to shake his hand.

Alec Palao

David Freiberg

I was just thinking about the day you left, sitting holding your hand with Ev holding the other, and I realized that, with all the great times we had together, they were way too few and far between.  So, order Clomid from mexican pharmacy, next time around, do you think we could play in the same band together?  Let's arrange that.  Thank you.  I miss you.

Tom Bryant

By the time I was 18, 7 years his junior, Jim had recruited me in Stained Glass and began to mentor me to much more than music. Those were heavy growth years for me and formed an almost spiritual bond that remains today, Clomid For Sale. Is Clomid addictive, When the glass played out I moved to LA and played jazz with Gabor Szabo where the music was awesome but I missed the lifestyle.  When I came back up north and reconnected with Jim who had just finished the Copperhead album, there I was in Fairfax once again living in Jimland. I lent my pick and strings to such classics as Keeper of the Flame, Dusty Rider and was there at the very inception of Cross the bridge with Bobby V. Thanks to you Evy, we can listen to those now whenever we like, Clomid description. Bless you. Clomid For Sale, Jim was a truly driven individual. In his music and his life he was honest and deliberate He had an intense love of the deep groove. I loved his company and not once spent any time with him that wasn’t special. He made an indelible imprint on me that to this day when I sing a certain lick or say a phrase or cop an attitude I think ……. Clomid wiki, That’s Jim. He was an innovator, a true original, for sure “the real deal”, Clomid For Sale. I miss you man.

Until we meet again. …. Tom Bryant

Howard Cohen

Jim passed a short time before I arrived in the Bay Area. Clomid For Sale, I never knew him personally. Yet, Clomid use, somehow it has come to be a feeling deep within me, that the people put in my life and their connection with Jim was no accident.  That somehow, through his music and the stories, as retold to me over the years by those who loved him, Clomid pics, his spirit has penetrated my soul. Tears of joy and grief flow as I write of a man I never knew, but who changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.

Howard Cohen

Patricia Carrasco

25 years ago today...WOW
This is a day I will never surely forget.
I met Jim 40 yrs ago when I started seeing
Dennis the drummer in his band.
He said I was the skinniest girl he ever met
LOL, if he could see me now!, Clomid For Sale.
I have millions of memories from the way back.!, buy Clomid online no prescription.
But the times I really remember most are those
of his last months. We cooked, he would play with my
young sons, we would watch the NBA playoffs
and at Eastertime when someone, Clomid dangers, I think Mickey,
came over in a bunny suit to cheer him up.
I threw jelly beans all over the bed and bounced it. Clomid For Sale, He laughed so hard it hurt him...
And my beautiful Evy, her undying love for him.
I love you, Clomid samples, Ev
You were the best thing that ever happened to him.
Two peas in a pod

The music he made was amazing and always has
and always will be a huge part of my life.
xox Jim
Happy Trails until we meet again
~ Patti

Dennis Carrasco

hey jim,  I am over sixty now, Kjøpe Clomid på nett, köpa Clomid online, and twenty-five years isn't that long.  i have been missing you since '71. "1971", when you told me " i think we owe it to our friends to quit."   I don't recall saying anything.  (i always kept my mouth shut when, i knew you were serious.)   looking back, i should have begun psycho-therapy..  right then,  (but that is another story.)
Jeez, just think, in today's world "we" would probably be touring Europe now,  shootin' hoops and a squirrel or two on our off time, Clomid For Sale.
maybe not me, but you would be continuing your involvement in the "human experiment,"  that would translate to a story, finding  its way to music, and then to song, where can i buy cheapest Clomid online.
that's how i think you did it but,  i really don't know.. and i don't think i ever will..
As always and, forever
your friend, Den.

Bobby Vega Clomid For Sale, Jim is my Friend.
We had lots of fun:  played in a band, wrote songs,
went to baseball games.
He shared his Life with me.
He was Cool.  He still is.

I miss him.

Bobby Vega

photo of Jim and Bobby from their High Noon days


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